Update: Funding and Deadlines



As you may have read if you’re keeping up to date with our Facebook page, we managed to secure partial funding from the Vernon Building Society. This is great news as it gives us the opportunity to improve the quality of the exhibition and do things we would otherwise be unable to do.


Going into this further, it’s been a fairly stressful few weeks. From constantly revising our vision of what the exhibition would look like to approaching printers and hounding them for quotes, it’s probably been the most transformative part of the process.

Admittedly, we had some grand ideas that in retrospect were rather unfeasible but it is at this stage where we’ve had to cut things out we would have loved to have done, change often what we’re doing and come up with new ideas to compensate. Not that I’m complaining, as I’ve loved every minute!

So, what has changed? These are the two biggest casualties of the process, I won’t bother you with the minutiae!

  1. We were planning on creating see-through coloured vinyls for the Artlink windows that would have mimicked the stained glass windows at St Mary’s. This would have looked great but it was just too costly to do.
  2. The information about the objects and images on display were going to be displayed in a booklet, so that if a visitor just wanted a quick browse free from text they could do that. This too was costly, and it would be quite troublesome to adapt for when the exhibition moves to the church as they can’t display everything the gallery can. We’re going to use object cards, which was the original plan.

Thankfully the Vernon have been great. I was worrying that the application was left too late, but within two weeks we had the answer we hoped for. The Art Gallery have stepped in to organise the printing so we’re now free to concentrate on the next part… DEADLINES.

The staff at the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery are fantastic. It’s high praise but they deserve it as they’ve provided so much great advice and often pointed me in the right direction (or kicked me up the rump) when needed. At a recent meeting, they set deadlines for us to submit content by.

This was necessary because as I’ve said (often and loudly) this is our first exhibition and we lack experience, especially with knowing how long things take to do. It’s also a little scary as it really hit home that we’re almost at the finish line.

We can’t wait to cross it and show you what St Mary’s has to offer!






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