The Exhibition Space


Hello again,

Before I start talking exhibition, I need to announce that Antia, one of our colleagues has had to withdraw. I would like to thank Antia for the insights and excellent research she has provided, and I hope she visits us when we go live!

Ok, exhibition.

My last post was all about the inventory and why we did it the way we did. I’d like this post to be about the exhibition space and how we’re approaching it. First off, it’s going to be held from June to July inside the Artlink at the rather excellent Stockport War Memorial and Art Gallery (as pictured above).


The Artlink is an interesting, if unusual space. Essentially it’s a wide curving corridor with a large inset cut in to provide more surface space. When we started out, the entirety of the Artlink was ours to play with although with recent developments that’s now no longer the case.


That might sound like the proverbial spanner in the works, but I think it’s a positive development. Look at the floorplan of the Artlink above. The entry section will now be housing the Stockport Air Disaster exhibition, and from I’ve seen it will be rather interesting. It will certainly draw a larger, more varied crowd which can only be a good thing.

It also condenses our space, which means we can fill it much more easily. That’s certainly a win, although we now have to be that little bit smarter with what we can and can’t do. It’s all a part of that fun learning curve I mentioned in a previous post!


Something that I’m really looking forward to is using that large inset (I & J on the floorplan). I won’t give anything else away, but for those two panels we’re doing a Secrets of St Mary’s section. We’ll be showing off all the little hidden rooms and areas that visitors never get to see. It’s a shame, because those hidden areas are just incredible.

In other news, I’m starting to get quotes back on the printing so hopefully we can get a proposal knocked up in the next day or two. Jade also suggested we use an exhibition guide that contains all the information about the objects and pictures we’ll be using, which I really like. It’s cheaper to do and if a visitor only wants the visual experience, they can ignore the text.

Busy times.



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