Mission Statement


My name is Jamie, and I am the creator of the St Mary’s 200th Anniversary Exhibition. The exhibition is to be held at Stockport War Memorial and Art Gallery from June-July 2017.

To explain the purpose of this page, I believe I should start at the beginning. In July 2016, myself, along with Antia and Jade (my fellow co-conspiritors) were hired as Museum Assistants by Stockport Council to work at Bramall Hall, a 14th century Tudor house.

It is my goal to one day be a curator, and to that end I asked for voluntary work with the council to gain experience. Nothing materialised until November, when a chance meeting with a colleague and a member of the Stockport Heritage Trust opened a new, exciting door.

I was offered the opportunity to completely create an exhibition commemorating the 200 year anniversary of St Mary’s Church’s completed renovations. Excited by the prospect but also aware of the momentous amount of work that goes into an exhibition, I invited Antia and Jade to join me on the project.

We already have a Facebook group (see the link to the right) but we really wanted to showcase our work, skills and accomplishments. What better way than a WordPress blog?

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting updates and photos showing what we’re doing, how the creation of the exhibition is coming along and ultimately, media from the exhibition as it’s running.

Be back soon,



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